AEMC Megohmmeter Model 6536 (Digital w/ Analog Bargraph, Alarm, Variable 10V to 100V, Ohm, Continuity, V, kOhm)



The Megohmmeter Model 6536 is a handheld, battery powered, multi-function 100V digital insulation resistance tester. It is designed to measure Insulation Resistance, Continuity, Resistance and Voltage. With a safety rating of 600V CAT IV and IP 54, the Model 6536 performs insulation resistance at a variable voltage between 10 and 100V with a 1V increment measuring insulation values up to 20GΩ.

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Megohmmeter Model 6536 (Digital w/Analog Bargraph, Alarm, Variable 10V to 100V, Ohm, Continuity, V, k Ohm )

True Megohmmeter®

10 to 100V (variable) Insulation and Multi-Function Tester (Resistance, Continuity and Voltage)

Variable 10 to 100V (1V increments) Insulation Test Voltages

20GΩ Max Insulation Resistance

Timed Test Mode up to 40 minutes for Insulation Resistance Test

Test Lock feature for hands free timed measurements up to 15 minutes

Continuity tests at 20mA or 200mA

Test lead resistance compensation for accurate low resistance measurements

True RMS AC/DC Voltmeter up to 700V

Ohmmeter to 1000kΩ

Auto discharge after Insulation Test

Hold function to “freeze” readings

Large and bright dual display with blue backlight

Auto Standby Feature due to inactivity saves battery power


Peso 1 kg
Dimensiones 11 × 6 × 21 cm


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