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The Bowers SNAPMATIC snap gage has been designed specifically for quick, reliable and accurate measurement of external cylindrical diameters. Particularly suitable for use in series production, the instrument is tough and solid enough to use on the machine in the workshop and flexible enough to be used in the measuring room for sample measurements (bench-stand available). The measuring surfaces are of topquality tungsten carbide mounted on a non-maintenance apring-operated mechanism. Special anvils (e.g for grooves etc.) can be fitted to the standard gauge by means of the
mounting holes in the anvil.

• Product ranges: 0-25mm (0-1″), 25-50mm (1-2″), 50-75mm (2-3″), 75-100mm (3-4″),100-125mm )4-5″), 125-150mm (5-6″)
• Gauging travel: 0.5mm
• Constant measuring pressure
• Adjustable depth-stop
• Can be used with dial gauges, digital indicators or measuring probes
• 16mm wide tungsten carbide measuring surfaces for positive-feel measurement (see table for flatness and parallelism)
• Measuring force: 13N ± 3N
• Indicator protection
• Indicator can be swivelled through 360°
• Heat-resistant polymer grip
• Mounting holes for fitting special contacts e.g. for groove measurement
• 8mm diameter indicator locking bush as standard (3/8″ on request)

Snap Gages (sold without indicator)
Part Number Range Flatness Parallelism
53-666-500-0 0—1″ 0.000012″ 0.00008″
53-666-501-0 1—2″ 0.000012″ 0.00008″
53-666-502-0 2—3″ 0.000012″ 0.00008″
53-666-503-0 3—4″ 0.000012″ 0.00008″
53-666-504-0 4—5″ 0.000012″ 0.00008″
53-666-505-0 5—6″ 0.000012″ 0.00008″

Fowler Snapmatic 53-666-500-0 53-666-501-0 53-666-502-0  53-666-503-0 53-666-504-0 53-666-505-0

10 Artículos
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